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September 24, 2011 margot No comments exist

Sep 24, 2011
What a summer it’s been! Oregon is just a beautiful place to be in the summer, with sunny, blue skies and moderate heat, without humidity or mosquitoes. We had a blast– camping and hiking and exploring. Now that autumn is looming, things are settling down a little. Our sweet son Elliot just started pre-school (he loves it!), giving me a few hours each afternoon to work in my studio. At last! I think my work will benefit greatly from this– it will be the most time I’ve had to work on my art since before he was born.
I received some wonderful news a couple days ago that I wanted to share with you all. A new book by Martha Sielman is in the works– she’s the writer/curator of Art Quilts- Masters: Major Works by Leading Artists, Vol. 1 + 2 and the Executive Director of Studio Art Quilt Associates. Her new book will be titled Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits, and I have been selected to be a featured artist in this book! There will be a section that will have an in-depth look at my work, including an interview with me and up to a dozen images of my art! As you can imagine, I am positively thrilled to have been chosen for this. It will be a wonderful opportunity to expose more people to my work, and an honor to be featured among some of the leaders in the world of art quilting. The book is being published by Lark Books, the same group that published the gorgeous book 500 Art Quilts, which I am so proud to have 2 pieces in. It doesn’t come out until Spring of 2013, so I’ve got a while to wait, but you can be sure I’ll remind you about it as the date gets closer!

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