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December 4, 2011 margot No comments exist

Dec 4, 2011
It is with huge relief that I announce the completion of my most recent piece! The portrait is of Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest from Greek mythology. Based on a model I photographed nearly 3 years ago, I started work in fabrics back in March of this year. It is a far more complex piece than anything I have attempted previously, as you will see. And finally, I am done. Please check out the gallery to see my latest quilt.

I recently created a Facebook page for myself as an artist, under the name “Margot Lovinger, Artist”. Please join me there (“like” me) to keep up with recent news, exhibits, new pieces, and eventually, works-in-progress. And please feel free to share the Facebook page and my webpage with anyone who you think might be interested. Thanks, everyone, for your support.

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